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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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worse. question they will be banned from bowl games and postseason play for four years. >> they called it reckless disregard in dealing with sandusky's sexual abuse. >> the sports themselves can become too big to fail, too big a challenge. >> the school will pay $60 million fine. they will have all of their wins from 1998 type in 2011 vacated. just one day after they removed the statue in his honor. >> this has invoked deeply powerful emotions.
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>> date are calling this a step in moving forward. fans and alumni are stunned by the extent of the sanctions. >> it cannot deny there is a punishment. i just was not expecting this much, i guess. >> this is affecting innocent players, employees, the community. >> the death penalty would hurt too many who had nothing to do with the scandal to begin with. >> this is defaming the legacy of a great coach and educator. wbal-tv 11 news. lisa robinson is taking a look at local reaction. >> reaction tonight from current students and alumni. what does this mean for university with a reputation larger-than-life?
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>> thinking about transferring to another university. i'm giving it very serious consideration. >> it cannot wait to start his freshman year now he is returning for his sophomore year. >> the name is ruined. i feel this will follow me after graduation when i'm looking for a job. when someone looks at penn state, they will not look at what it stood for, but what they have done. >> he also runs a marketing and crisis communication from saying it's possible for penn state to restore its reputation but that will take years. >> the university has been badly wounded. how does it begin to heal? the first thing, is to clean it out completely. we are not quite there yet with the penn state situation, but with today's n.c.a.a. actions,
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and we are pretty close. >> they say dismantling the statue was a move in the right direction, but it will get worse before it gets better. >> with great integrity and a sense of ethics and hard work, the right kind of leadership, i think their reputation can one day be restored. >> speaking for himself and not the chapter, he said the sanctions were heavy-handed but sees the school coming back. >> we will get through this. hopefully the victims will heal and they will see the light at the end of the tunnel themselves. at the end of the day, it's really about them, not about us. >> it's very important to now focus more so than ever on academics and not athletics. lisa robinson, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> following breaking news right now under the scene of a reported stabbing that has shut down this area. capt. roy taylor joined us from die team 11. >> we are between garrison and bellevue here shut down both north and south due to what police say is a stabbing. we have video to show you of what it looked like when we first arrived. at 4:20, police arrived. when they got on the scene, there is a victim that was stabbed rather severely. we still do not know the particulars of what the incident was about. baltimore city police have shut down both north and southbound between belvedere. but we will update you as we get more information. >> in addition to the penn state story, james holmes, the man
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accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 others, faced a judge for the first time today. the initial hearing was held this morning. it give us the first public glimpse of the suspect since his alleges that murderous rampage. we have more from arapahoe county, colorado. >> good evening. it was a packed house. five family members of victims as they've got the first glimpse of the man responsible for changing their lives and community forever. >> these are the first public images of james homes since the attack, the picture of the evil for so many watching including family members of the victims. >> he looked demonic or something.
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>> the 24-year-old is accused of plotting for months before carrying out a murderous rampage. his hair was dyed bright fitting descriptions just after the massacre when he told police he was the joker. he was disengaged during the meeting, his head bobbing back and forth, wide-eyed, seemingly on edge. and look like he was fighting to keep awake. >> the you have any questions? >> a little more than legal housekeeping. allowing the defense with 24- hour notice to examine the crime scene and the victims -- the defendants apartment. the decision on the death penalty will take longer after discussion with survivors and families of the victims.
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>> that is a long process that impact their lives for years. pop we will want to get their input before we make any decision. >> they stress this is still an active ongoing information. >> we're looking at an enormous amount of evidence. >> today's hearing is the start of what will be a long case. at the memorial in the morning continues, the emotional trials the community much now faces will be much more difficult and will last a whole lot longer. >> she said she believes it will take even longer before this case goes to trial. j. gray, wbal-tv 11 news. >> please tell 11 news they have linked a burglary case from late last week to two sexual assaults back in may. he is being held without bail at
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the baltimore county detention center after being caught tried to break in a home along versify circle in townsend. and also burglarized another home in a complex. they were able to link him to a sexual assault from may. the incident occurred in cows and invade believe a woman awoke had insulted her. it was later found out her roommate was also a salted. -- assaulted. >> temperatures ranging from the operating's into the low 90's. hot in downtown baltimore. over on the eastern shore, and uniform temperatures in our region. a few thunderstorms, especially in pennsylvania were warnings
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have been issued. these storms have no immediate threat to the baltimore area right now, but we cannot rule out an isolated storm and then we will talk about hotter more humid weather for tomorrow. the decals on that coming up in a few. >> four more days stand between all of us and opening ceremonies for the olympic games in london. preparations are underway in the area for the big event. lowell melser joins us from the aquatics center in baltimore. >> as you know, an olympic fever is catching on in the viewing area. the majority of people in this area will not travel to see the games, but they are looking for some unique ways to watch them. >> over at union jack's there considered one of the go to places when it comes to big british events from the royal
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wedding. >> i was here at 5:00 a.m. >> to the world cup. >> when england was playing in the world cup, you could not even sit down. >> it is fitting they're using the british-themed of as a gathering place offering all kinds of food and drink specials for the opening ceremonies. what you actually wanted to go to the games in person? >> tickets become very expensive. >> if you still want to go, air fare ranges from $1,300-$1,500 per person and average hotels will run $1,200. like many other the travel agents, the interest was there, but most people have a hard time with the expense. >> we had people calling in, but
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when you hear a $2,500 price tag plus the cost of the tickets, that tends to be out of people's budgets just to go to an event. >> that's good news for bars and restaurants for those hoping to bring in spectators as they think of ways to keep the crowds coming in. >> i don't know what to expect. there are so many different events going on at some in different times. >> in four days until the opening ceremony and we will keep searching for different venues. more bars and restaurants and different establishments will be looking to do something unique for the olympics. live in north baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> you can watch the olympics zone starting this friday night starting at 7:00. the opening ceremonies at 7:30.
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>> still ahead, this time last week when a water main break turned several streets into a watery chaotic mess. >> drivers are still avoiding some key road does repair work continues. how long they think the repairs will last. >> get ready for purple fever. [ barks ]
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>> commuters in downtown baltimore are dealing with rough trouble following last week's water main break. public works tell 11 news the 10-inch main under the sidewalk is now prepared, but the 20-inch main that burst will require an additional two weeks of work. this was the scene late yesterday our afternoon. it led to major traffic delays on monday and tuesday. city officials have been encouraging drivers to use mta, light rail, and circulator to get around. >> you know that music. ravens fever taking over the
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baltimore area. quarterbacks, rookies, and veterans will take to the deal that ellen's mills. -- at owings mills. they will be feeling the whole left by ray groves. the first full team practice will be thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m. >> there should be widespread screenings of children for high cholesterol. guidelines for those recommendations were too aggressive and influenced by panel members and their financial ties to drug makers. at least 10% of u.s. children
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have on healthy cholesterol levels and one-third are overweight or obese. breast feeding can be easier for some women than others which raises the question of how long you actually should breast feed your baby. >> everything went ok when you had your first child. >> i was able to breast feed the first full year. >> they call breast milk liquid gold but not everyone is able. you should support what your body can do or not do. >> most hospitals now have board certified lactation consultants like myself.
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help when you go home. >> many times, the world health organization wants at least one year if all possible. >> there is proof that it can help. >> mother should keep in mind that the process is not cut and dry. not every new mother can best be and may not be able to do so. -- can breastfeed. work,n they're looking at they have the option of pumping
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and put milk in bottles and at some time introduce formula. >> this is nonsurgical and uses bipolar radio frequency. >> what we're trying to do is to get the skin to contract, look smoother, reduce jowels and take 10 years of. >> we will show you that procedure coming up at 5:55. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + weather. >> cloud cover here in town. shower is in pennsylvania. in northern parts of harford county in cecil county, light
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rain showers. storm stronger north of york and lancaster in eastern pla also tracking through virginia. baltimore kind of in between the worst of the weather. you can see the warnings and watches in effect. some mornings now coming out of lancaster county little bit toward metro philadelphia. south of there, isolated showers and cloud cover. still to pick up a thunderstorm in the next few hours, but then we expect skies to clear out nicely. it will stay warm overnight. not much below 80. southwest wind averaging 5 miles per hour. i pressure to the south. 103 degrees. 95 in chicago. this heat will be pushing
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eastward tomorrow. the humidity will be there. this next front coming in from the north and west will encounter this and trigger some storms. south baltimore into southern virginia, we will be keeping an eye on this one. just a hazy, hot, humid july day. 91-96 tomorrow with a west wind close to 20 miles per hour. on the day, look for the afternoon storms. waves at one-two feet. holding right around 81 for bay harbor temperatures. 60% chance of storms tomorrow. gusting wind possible before turning more comfortable. 40% chance of storms and then a nice wednesday with sunshine, cooler, and less humid. a 30% chance tomorrow.
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92 before cooling off on wednesday. 94 tomorrow. hazy, hot, and humid. more comfortable wednesday. he is back with a thunderstorm thursday into friday. sunday and monday looking nicer with temperatures below normal. >> federal transportation officials say maryland is about to get $40 million for baltimore. >> what it means for you straight ahead. >> president obama according the >> president obama according the military vote
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>> after a weekend retreat from campaigning, it is game on again for obama and mitt romney. >> romney is speaking to small business owners while president obama course the veteran vote. >> the spotlight has shifted
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from the economy to foreign policy as the president course the veteran of vote and romney sits down at a small business roundtable. making a play for the veteran of vote. the president address the vfw national convention from reno. >> you do not just have my words. you have my deeds. you have my track record. you have the promises i have made and promises that i have kept. >> also with a new video out touting the foreign policy records. during a round table with small business owners in california, romney conveyed the president as out of touch. >> for people who have spent their entire livelihood working in government, they sometimes do not understand how hard it is to start a business, grow a
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business. >> recent polling is the presumptive gop nominee a solid lead among veterans, but analysts say the president has been gaining in veterans under age 40. >> what may be the stereotype of veterans may not apply this year. romney will probably get the older cohort, but he will get them in the election anyway. >> analysts say the military vote could make the difference in key battleground states with large military population. romney is making his first trip overseas as the presumptive gop nominee stopping in london, israel, and poland. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a new report may have be rethinking the airline you choose. >> some companies are making a lot more than others simply in
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>> live, local, a late breaking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:00 in hd with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tom tasselmyer. 11 news at 5:00 in hd continues
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now. >> u.s. transportation officials are putting $40 million in the baltimore. it is all to replace a baltimore bus depot making a more environmentally friendly and perhaps quieter. >> transportation officials say it will add some much needed construction jobs to the state. rob roblin is live in east baltimore with more. >> money will be coming in the baltimore but it will be going to rob the united states. all $787 million will be going to cities and states across the country to replace aging transit systems. $40 million is coming right here at the baltimore. >> will be used to replace the facility here on kirk ave. it will be torn down and a new green bus facility will take its place.
5:31 pm
>> we currently have four out of eight that will not accommodate the new hybrid buses. this will allow us to build all the vehicles and side. >> i'm proud to announce the quality of public transportation serving greater baltimore will be getting better. >> ray lahood made the announcement. >> the president was able to sign a two-year transportation bill that will put hundreds of maryland there's to work building roads, bridges, and transportation facilities. >> this is not encapsulated. a lot of the fumes and noise that will drip down into the community, this will be a green building and a better environment. not only for the employees but
5:32 pm
also the neighborhood. >> we are investing in to the transportation needs of our future. the noise will be a lot less. it creates jobs. this is what we need to do. >> the new facility should be completed by 2014 and people we spoke with a live in the neighborhood welcomed the new facility. >> when they drive down the street, and it is irritating like an earthquake. >> we do not have any more public open spaces right now. >> welcome this new facility? >> of course. >> the construction job year will produce 700 construction jobs. rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> it was breaking news at the top of the hour at a stabbing in north baltimore. authorities think the victim may have been attacked before stumbling onto righteous third town road. the victim has been taken to the hospital. no word on condition of my age, or gender. the bodies of two women, the first round saturday night, a 41-year-old woman. they are awaiting the results of an autopsy and we're told the body had it started to decompose and no word on how long it had been there. please tell 11 news they found the 61-year-old yesterday
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afternoon and detectives are not really seeing the details but that there were no our -- no signs of foul play. >> with orange and red hair and a dazed expression, james holmes said nothing as the judge advised some of the severity of the case in front of him. the rampage left 12 dead and 58 wounded. the n.c.a.a. has trounced penn state in every conceivable way for failing to protect children from acts of sandusky. the sanctions include $60 million in fan -- fines and vacating all victories for 1998-2011. the family of your return no
5:35 pm
says that these are a panic response. leading aids researchers joining in the nation's capital. they're using words many never thought possible like "cure." washingtonards's in with the very latest. >> scientific advances and researchers have led the nation to a game changing moment in the fight against aids. >> most people do not know this. >> the belief is shared by many of the estimated 25,000 doctors and activists in town for the international aids conference. >> we're trying to change the attitude. >> he led a ground-breaking research last year. they were treating with antiviral drugs as soon as their dark -- they're diagnosed the
5:36 pm
increasing the risk of transmission of 96%. >> along with condom use, drugs may prevent people from becoming infected in the first place. this was recently approved for those people who are at high risk for acquiring hiv. >> we are cautious. >> the rate is skyrocketing among young african-american gay men. these are major reasons many of them do not get tested and do not get treated. >> every day, homophobia, racism, things that just tear at their being. >> the matter who you are or who you love, everyone deserves compassion. >> or elton john and secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at the conference. >> announcing an extra $115 million in aids research and
5:37 pm
prevention. wbal-tv 11 news. >> a symbol of the local crash along the texas border leaving 13 dead. >> why authorities think some of people were crammed into one pickup truck. >> if you see police activity, what are you allowed to do? the aclu wants to make sure police officers know your rights. i'm barry simms with the details at 6:00. at 6:00.
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>> authorities in texas investigating a deadly late night crash leaving as many as 13 dead. they say the accident only involve the one vehicle. it's still unclear whether anyone inside the pickup truck was an undocumented immigrant, but it's a strong possibility. 23 people were packed in the board to under 50 pick up which crashed into a tree. among those killed, two young
5:41 pm
children which happened 150 miles northeast of the border with mexico. >> at least five people were on board a boat that code size -- capsized. they rushed in and rivel to rescue people from the water. one man is still missing and search operations are now taking place and an investigation is under way. gas prices are once again on the rise. the culprit may be the dry weather. >> when will they start to fall again? analysts way in in tonight's consumer alert. >> rock stars and roadie's cleaning up and beloved watershed. >> tracking a few thunderstorms and some humid weather continuing in the forecast. details straight ahead.
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>> the chilling moment this morning as the suspect in the colorado theater shootings makes his first appearance. what is expected next? and state university is heavily penalized for the way it handled the sandusky sexual abuse scandal. details on that and reaction. the aclu is reminding police officers that citizens have the right to record them. those#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#f#ff
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>> singers and musicians from
5:45 pm
the warped tour take the day off from rocking out to help clean a polluted stream in baltimore. >> nadia ramdas has teh story. >> it is clean of debt carol park. these volunteers are tackling the hot, humid summer day and it's one of the most horrible streams. they found a junk yard along the 13-mile trail. >> a shopping cart, a muffler, a futon. >> this dream is gorgeous. it has been trashed from letter coming down in the storm water. we wanted to clean it up so people could use the trailer and enjoy it.
5:46 pm
>> assisted by nonprofit station his mission is to clean baltimore streams, rivers, and harbors. nearly 200 volunteers rolled up their sleeves to pick up trash. the volunteers this year are roadies and rockers from teh vans warped tour. these music artists just want to pick up the trash. >> can i have another bag? >> how do you get rock stars to help? >> they have a day off and it was in baltimore. they wanted to do service. >> they know how to help the trash. they want to encourage others to make a difference. >> every little bit counts. >> blue water baltimore also
5:47 pm
plants trees throughout the area. had to our web site, in west baltimore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> 9/11 insta-weather + forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> storms in pennsylvania, new york state, and the northeast. we're seeing a pretty good sell their tracking through harrisburg, redding, and moving east towards new jersey. to the south, are the central virginia, just east of roanoke. right now, the baltimore area in between some severe storms and strong storms down in virginia. warm and muggy across the area.
5:48 pm
86 at bwi marshall. this is the heat moving in our direction for tonight and tomorrow. thunderstorms are still possible and warnings are in effect in parts of pennsylvania. this is a severe thunderstorm watch north of us and a minimal chance of a storm. a minimal chance of rain at the airport where we hit 91. in normal is 87 and the record was step -- set just last year. thankfully not that hot. tuesday morning, skies will clear. a light breeze out of the
5:49 pm
southwest at about 5 miles an hour. high-pressure south of us pumping in the heat. triple digits in kansas city. that he and the next round slowly approaching tomorrow bringing a better chance for a storm. southern maryland, lories term sure, there could also be some gusting winds associated. 91-96 degrees. 10-20 mile per hour wind. as the first time we have had to wait for the sun rise since back on may 7th. wave that one up to two feet but watch out. turning less humid for wednesday before the heat comes back wednesday, thursday, friday. partially cloudy and relatively
5:50 pm
hot. >> following sad breaking news out of washington. the very first woman to fly the space has died at the age of 61. for science program said her integrity was absolute, her approach to life. then at the age of 61. >> baltimore. drivers are looking at higher prices up the pot for the third week in a row. average prices are up and right now, you're likely to get about $3.59. one reason, ethanol, an ingredient in gasoline.
5:51 pm
the drought is decimating the corn crop and up points to the long strike -- likelihood of a gas prices. u.s. airlines brought in more revenue from baggage fees and other services than other carriers. a report released today shows united, delta, and american airlines finished in the top three generating millions of dollars of revenue outside of their fares. they brought in the most up $5.20 billion. delta came in at number two followed by american airlines. completing the top 10. qantas airlines, southwest airlines, easy jet. u.s. airways,. this analyze the financial filings of 50 airlines worldwide combining $22.60 billion just from these and other products and services.
5:52 pm
the survey conducted by the associated press sees the poverty rate climbing to levels not seen since the 1960's. they predict that the poverty rate will rise to as high as 15.17% when the figures come out this fall. a modest gain of 0.1% would put it at its highest level since 1965. >> maryland lottery officials say they have shattered their sales record for the fiscal year 2012 meaning they will be transferring a record amount of revenue. these are $80 million over the 2011 margins. officials say a number of factors contributed to the jump in sales figures including the huge jackpots.
5:53 pm
more than $500 million will now be funneled into the general fund which will support education, public safety, health, and environmental programs. a reminder tonight dealing with your rights. what the aclu wants you to know when it comes to official business. 11 reporters not 6:00. >> this goes between the two electrodes that go underneath the skin. >> the newest weapon on the war on aging using bipolar radiofrequency meaning no surgery. outworks, next.
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clucks and paging technology is constantly changing and developing new strategies. >> tonight, one of the newest and latest procedures and the goal is to make you look about 10 years younger with art surgery. >> and joy has always taken good care of her skin. she stays out of the sun and admits to having several chemical peels, but she felt it was time for something extra. >> i did not want to go to surgery at this point.
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>> i had maxed out everything i could do. >> she is talking about her dermatologist to expected something new it is called evoke-lasting. >> we want to reduce jowls and have the skin look smoother by taking 10 years off. >> do you feel excited, anxious, nervous? >> this is what the applicator looks like using two tiny needles to deploy radiofrequency that heats the scan. >> this goes between the tiny electrodes that goes underneath the skin and heat the collagen. >> she is ready to go. it will go two or 3 millimeters in the skin and the tiny pinholes will last for 24 hours or so.
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>> doing ok? >> there may be little bruising, but that should disappear in just a few days. as for results? >> it will start seeing a slow improvement over anywhere between two weeks to up to six months after the procedure. >> we went back to see her six months after and she is already seeing early results around her jaw line. >> this is where it started. the can see the thickening around the bone and it has moved up to about here. it has yet to go all the way up and fill in. >> in the last six weeks it has already done this, then it will the pelican to new and do what it is supposed to do. >> it is a one-time treatment and the cost is about $2,500.
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>> that's it for us at 5:00. here's what's coming up at 6:00. >> the colorado a theater shooting suspect making his first appearance. we have the latest on the case coming up. >> current and former students take on the sanctions against penn state. that story is coming up. >> you have their rights record police officers doing their official duties. they want to make sure police officers know it. details coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> two big stories. the n.c.a.a. handed down penalties to penn state university including $60 million in fines, the loss of all paternal victories from8-


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